Pattern Recognition in Diagnosis The diagnostic process is an intricate process that commences with a patient’s ailment history that later on culminates into something that can be classified. It is imperative for a clinician to carefully assess the prognosis and offer effective treatment to... [ view article ]


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Mental Illness and Incarceration This research paper will discover the mental illness, incarceration and the nature of the prisons in the United States. Mentally ill people are so many in the prisons and their numbers increases substantially. Currently, mentally ill people are crowded behind... [ view article ]

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Environmental Factors Affecting The Health Of Infants Infants are not able to adapt to the changes in the ecological conditions. The changes directly affect the health of the infants, whose parents and caregivers tend to ignore. The fact which the parents and caregivers need to understand is... [ view article ]


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Families Affected By Mental Illness Introduction: A lot of mental challenges make the life of a patient miserable since they are unable to live a normal life. The differences between the life of a mentally stable and mentally ill person are different, and their quality... [ view article ]

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