If We Could Have Free Health Care, Should We?

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The review of this research will focus on rise, decline of employment and stabilization that is based on free health care. Most of its information is transformed based on the views of either pro and cons that have different argument as addressed in the articles. Most of the suggestion shows that Medicare is influenced by political pressure and lack of exact coverage, which can lead to high cost as most of the employers are unable to contribute towards the free health care especially unemployed ones.

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Hence, we conclude by addressing the outcome of possible trajectories we obtain from the claims, which continues to erode with different views.


As we all know that not everyone in United States can afford any issues related with medical insurance. In address to this research, we will feature to some of the young generation of children who are out sick but their parents are not in a position of taking them to the hospital rather they decide to buy medicine in the counter, which to some extend might not work. In this platform some leaves to an extend of being forced to send their children to the hospital though it is stress as some of the hospital are against the treatment as they fear the cost which is too much (Sackett & Richardson, 1996). Due to this concern, my matter will be based on free health care by the nation as it reduces bills for most of the patients who cannot afford to attend some of hospital in fear of debt.

In the first article, we will feature on Pope Francis article where health care is a universal right and hence can be accessed without any privilege or obstacles across. We all know that health care is one of the basic level in one’s life and for one to access there are some mirage where most of the hospitals features on the wealth people leaving the poor behind as they are unable to pay hospital services and receive primary essential care (Berkman &

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