Ideology of Communism

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The basic ideology of communism was popularized in the second half of the nineteenth century because of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, two German political and economic philosophers. The goal of communism, as they viewed it, is for the working class to take control of the rewards of their labor, for even distribution of wealth among the people, and to overthrow capitalism. So long as all citizens work to the best of their ability, all people will receive according to their need.

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However, it wasn’t put into practice up until the Russian Revolution where the Soviet Union was born. The concept was shaky still since most used communism and socialism interchangeably because of their similarities. When discussing communism, it is most often related to a specific political party and achieving economic equality through total eradication of public property. These beliefs center around the idea that inequality within a society is the product of capitalism, therefore the purpose is to declare communal control of most major means of production and natural resources. Reaching mid twentieth century, the political power communism bared was beyond thought; many speculated that it would surpass democracy as the superior ideology, yet in 2018, two decades later, as little as five communist countries remain. These include: the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Cuba, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Considering there is no ‘right’ way to rule a nation, the following are the reasons whether or not nations were successful in their upbringing, and accounts for different views considering the economic, social, and political stances that could put each of the five at an advantage, or completely opposite, a disadvantage.

Although it is not to prevalent in today’s society, communism has great advantages as long as it is conducted correctly. In a communist nation, ideally, everyone has equal opportunity. A world in which everyone receives the same chance as others to build a life for themselves; a world in which no one has a head start. Wealth, a large factor that separates individuals in a capitalistic nation, does not make a difference for every citizen has the same opportunity as the next in order to become extraordinary based on their efforts, talents, and gifts. No social class can be better than another because there is no social class system at all and no job is greater than another. Apart from that, health care, education, and employment become much more accessible to the common citizens through a country ran with communism. Because a communist infrastructure requires its citizens to contribute as much as they are able to,

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