Identification and Instruction of Important Business Communication Skills

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Cover page List of Contents Abstract Nowadays the gap between academia and business organizations leads to a disagreement between faculty and business specialists on whether or not recent graduates have adequate communication skills. The professional environment raises a lot of concern among new graduates as the skills and knowledge of an academic subject have become insufficient for the business world. It is vital for students to achieve the ability to communicate efficiently, think critically and go beyond general assumptions, reflecting and questioning about their previous performance.

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Such behavior is desired by CEOs and managers and definitely it will enhance the postgraduates’ prospects of employment. Introduction The aim of this report is to analyse the value of business communication skills necessary for business graduates in order to boost their job prospects. By exploring this subject in greater depth, this thesis will emphasize the general communication skills and evaluate the main categories of business communication skills providing reliable evidence of how these abilities can be used in the business environment. Finally, this paper will contain eligible recommendations to undergraduate students at Westminster Business School on how they can improve their professional competences whilst they are following various academic modules. The information was collected by using both primary and secondary sources in order to create an accurate and eligible piece of work that students can use it for their professional development. The “Identification and Instruction of Important Business Communication Skills for Graduate Business Education” Journal written by David Conrad and Robert Newberry serves as a fundamental paper for the main thoughts covered in this report subsequently developed by using various academic reports, up to date figures and statistics and well-written theoretical communication books. General communication skills This section will focus on what the communication process implies, identifying the most important general communication skills that each student must possess: writing, reading, listening and presentation skills. In order to understand their vital importance for the new business graduates willing to increase their career opportunities, the chart below highlights the ranking of the most required skills by the business world. Among the 20 most common skills required by employers and identified by International Data Corporation (IDC), communication skills were desired by 40 percent of all positions, especially by the highest paid ones. [1] The first general communication skills evaluated in this paper is reading. In order to be active, competent readers both students and graduates should pay attention to the quantity of information they cover (how many aspects) and to the amount of details they consider is necessary to assimilate. This will enhance their understanding and the ability to manage different proprieties at the same time. Furthermore, excellent writing skills will help students to clarify their thoughts and develop a well-structured approach in order to easily communicate a message.

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