Ideas How Conflict Can Be Resolved

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Conflict Resolution

The conflicts that arise within our lives must be dealt with unless we want to see havoc caused in our workplaces and in our lives in general. This paper will describe situations and strategies in which conflict can be resolved. Hopefully, through this we can see proper resolution and problem solving take a sharp upturn and conflicts will be solved more effectively.

The Conflict

         The most recent conflict, we have experienced in my department is our Emergency Department new policy with reporting off to the floor. Precisely as a nurse on the floor when I have new admission the ER nurse will call the floor asking for the receiving nurse and give her a report after the transporter will bring the patient into the room. Then they change it to where a phone report only you receive an SBAR with the patient for the nurse and give a telephone report. As of March 2018, another new process has begun. The ER nurse will not call report or send an SBAR as a receiving nurse you will do your own research on the computer about the patient. The ED will send the patient when they see in the system the room is ready. The main idea behind this is that the ER nurse is busy to call report or print an SBAR since we have the same system we can print the SBAR when the patient gets upstairs on the floor. All of us knew that the key to providing patient centered care and safety stay for the patient is communication and collaboration between team members According to Finkelman (2016). To collaborate effectively, each individual need to recognize the perspective of others who are envious. The issue with our ER’s latest policy is the receiving nurse is all the time busy with her seven patients to do any research or look upon the about the patient before he gets on the floor. It is really embarrassing when you ask the patient about his medical problem and history and he answers Did the other nurse did not tell you? I already told her everything, do I need to repeat myself? This shows to the patient that the nurses did not have communication with each other, which isn’t comforting. 

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The Issues

       The issue at hand is currently detrimental to all parties involved. This is because there is a direct tie between the fact that patients often have to repeat themselves when asking questions and their general sense of lack of safety. This stems from the fact that oftentimes nurses are very busy and are switching between floors without giving a report from ER. This leads to patients having to repeat themselves to the new nurses that they are handed off to on the new floor and since there is a lack of communication that means that these patients have a feeling that they are not being heard as they just told another nurse what was wrong and then have to re-describe it because the new nurse has no information about the patient from the old nurse.

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