ICT and the Law

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ICT and the Law 1.Cybercrime in the UK: Cybercrime, is a growing problem for law enforcement agencies worldwide; what actions can be taken against such criminal activity in the UK and are there any implications regarding an individual’s rights? Cybercrime, or ‘computer misuse’, is defined by the Computer Misuse Act 1990 as recently amended by the Police and Justice Act 2006 as ‘unauthorised access to computer material’. A person is deemed to be guilty of this crime if they have carried out activities to gain access to data without permission and they have done this with full knowledge and intent. Due to recent technological advancements that have enabled the world to become a more efficient and dynamic place, there has simultaneously been a rise in reported cyber crime in the UK and across the globe (Prasad, 2004). In addition, it has been said that there has been a shift from financial hacking to the access of sensitive business and government data with the view to blackmail and extort (BBC News, 2015). This essay is going to discuss what can be done to fight against the growing issue of cyber crime as well as assess the dangers it poses to individuals and their rights. As previously stated, cyber crime is anything that involves a computer and a network. It can range from financial scams, pornography or spreading a virus in a chain of emails (BBC News, 2015). Initially, financial gain appeared to be the motivating factor, however, more and more examples of stalking, extremist sites and politically centered attacks are being detected (Wold and Shrivers, 1990). Once more, in 2010 it was found that cyber crime targeting mobile phone devices had increased by nearly 50% (FT.com, 2011). It would seem that criminals have spotted the growth in mobile gaming, communication and applications in order to integrate and mask their scams and ultimately gain access to individuals’ private information. In 2014, several celebrities had their social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter hacked alongside their iCloud accounts through the form of phishing. These areas held personal information about and images of themselves (BBC, 2014). Many were threatened and blackmailed by the perpetrators to ultimately have the images leaked anyway. This is a prime example of the breach of an individuals’ right to private life as detailed in the European Convention on Human Rights Article 8. Once more, it also demonstrates its ability to cause reputational damage to an individual or an organisation; often a key motivator for these types of attacks (McQuade, Colt and Meyer, 2009). One of the main strategies that can be adopted to avoid the aforementioned scenario is to always check that the email is correctly addressed to the recipient. In addition, checking the sender’s email address carefully for authenticity could also reduce the propensity for responding to a falsified message. Finally, Apple, PayPal and many other Internet e-commerce sites will not ask you to verify or change any details regarding your passwords or financial information via email (Norton.com,

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