IB Visual Arts

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Beginning IB Visual Arts

I, Mr. Eddie Adiamah (B.A Art (Hon.) Painting; Masters in Fine Art(painting); IB Accredited Visual Art tutor, Examiner and head of the Art Department officially welcome you to IB Visual Arts. This course promises to be a very challenging and rewarding experience for those of you who can match it with the effort and time required for success.

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For most of you who have had previous art courses at IG, this marks an achievement. You wouldn’t be here if the art faculty didn’t feel confident that you were capable of meeting the rigorous standards that IB Visual Arts at this school demand. Understand that you have a great tradition in IB art at SOS-HGIC to uphold.

What you need all most at this point is support, guidance and some help getting started on your two-year artistic journey. It helps to understand that Mr. ED will be looking for work and development in specific areas as you progress through the year. There are two primary areas of achievement that will be key to your success in this class:

1. Studio work – the artworks (both finished and unfinished) that you create at home and in the studio at SOS-HGIC.

2. Investigation – the research, idea development, experiments, reflective writing and relevant preparation that you do to help support and improve your artwork.

Studio work:

Your Studio work will be developed and evaluated according to several key criteria. Some of them overlap and involve other criteria, and should be considered parts of a holistic approach to your work. They are:

a. Understanding – This refers to the degree to which your work reflects an understanding of how one can express concepts and ideas in the visual image, as well as how well you grasp the technical and formal methods through which these can be conveyed.

b. Relevance – This refers to the degree to which your work reflects or conveys personal elements (Where are YOU in the work?); the degree to which your work shows an awareness and an understanding of socio-cultural issues and concerns; and finally the degree to which your work shows evidence of well-developed, complex ideas and approaches to your given theme.

c. Development – This refers to the level of development of both your ideas and your technical competence with your chosen media or mode of expression.

d. Sensitivity to materials – This criterion concerns your ability to use and in some cases develop novel uses for your materials. It refers most importantly to your ability to review and modify your use of materials, so that your work shows evidence of increasingly well-informed resolutions of concepts and the ideas that can be conveyed in your work.

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