Hungry for a GMO

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Jamie: Hello all, my name is Jamie Hubbell and I’m a current Agricultural communications major at Texas Tech University. I have spent my whole 18 years growing up in Houston, the United States 4th largest city. With their being over 3 million people in Houston, there are various income classes as well as state funded programs.

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With the continuously growing population of homeless, food insecurity is considered to be a rising issue in Houston. Houston is only the 4th largest city in the U.S so what’s there to say about food insecurity in the rest of the United States and even in the world?

Jamie: Food insecurity is when a person does not have reliable access to adequate (and nutritious) food. Food insecurity is a year-long measure, it doesn’t refer to not having time to cook or a lack of available grocery stores. Food insecurity refers to a lack of food access due to financial and other resources in a household. With 1 out of every 8 people in the united states experiences food insecurity, that’s roughly 40 million Americans who aren’t receiving proper nutrition or access to those nutritious and much needed foods. The U.S is tied with the United Kingdom for 3rd under the global rankings for Food Insecurity. If the U.S is 3rd with 40 million households being considered to have food insecurity, it’s difficult to imagine the lower ranking countries.

Jamie: The world’s population is growing at a tremendous rate. the world is expected to reach a population of over 9 million by 2050…. And with that large of a population, there will be various crisis, with food being one of the most important. With the population expecting to increase by 30%, there will need to be a 70% increase in food production to meet demand. As of 2017, 821 million people are considered undernourished. The agriculture industry will need to step things up. For developing countries, 80% of production increases would come from yield increases and only need a 20% increase in land expansion.

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