Hunger Problem In United States

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As the world population grows so does the amount of people that live without food. For decades, Americans have been known to aid other countries that were faced with hunger problems. Many people do not realize that hunger and malnutrition is a problem that many Americans face on a daily basis.

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In America, one of top developed countries, more than forty million Americans need government help to put food on the table. We often overlook how many hungry people there actually are in the United States. Studies have shown that a large percentage of Americans struggle to keep food on the table in order to support their families. Programs such as Meals on Wheels, The First Class Meal Service and the Healthy, Hungry Kids Act are some anti-hunger programs being implemented by non-profits and schools to address the low food security and how wasted food directly correlates to hunger in the United States.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), food insecurity can be defined as the lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. The demographic of hungry people is increasingly becoming a serious problem. Students attending Washington University, St. Louis proposed to add an innovative service that would serve the needs of food-insecure populations by repurposing post offices that have closed down due to decreased amounts of mail and unemployment (Pathi, Krutika). Most of the hungry are adults but households below the poverty line are three times more likely to experience extremely low food insecurity compared to average households (Price, Tom). By repurposing old post offices, The First Class Meal Service aims to support those who are food insecure to the roughly 1.4 million people living in the Los Angeles County who dont have food (Pathi, Krutika). Even though The United States is known as a wealthy country there are many people who cant afford to buy food for their families.

According to the Department of Public Health, about one out of fifteen households in Los Angeles have experienced very low food security leading to extreme hunger. With Los Angeles being a large city, the population of hungry people account for about sixteen percent of everyone living in the country. Under utilized post office spaces would allow food banks to expand their food storing capacity, which would enable food-insecure families easy access to food. The First Class Meal Service is one innovative way Americans have come up with to solve the issue to support those with low food security. It is important for advocates of world hunger to expand anti-hunger programs in order to bring healthy and perishable foods to low-income areas as well as the elderly.

Aside from those who live in low-income areas, hunger in America is also a large problem among the elderly.

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