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Human Traffickers Use Social Obligation

I am the type of person to think everyone’s nice until proven otherwise. My sister is the same way as well and it makes my mom call us na??ve or innocent. I’d like to believe that what I think is true, but unfortunately not. The other day I was walking through one of the busiest […]

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Human Trafficking Speech

Human trafficking is a wicked trapto betwisted in. It is absolutely awful, the way traffickers treat victims, what victims go through on a daily basis just to survive. I’m sure you’ve heard of this. You’ve heard the stories of the survivors, the mental challenges they had to face – and still face today. You know […]

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Human Trafficking as a Societal Issue

8,759 cases of human trafficking were reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline last year. Despite popular belief, modern slavery is an extreme social issue in today’s society. Each year, human traffickers acquire billions of dollars by forcing people to provide labor or partake in commercial sex against their own will. As a resident of […]

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Human Trafficking Is A Rising

Skills and Strategies The skills and strategies which I applied to read this article were that I first read the article. By reading the article first time I got little idea what is it about. The words which were difficult for me to understand I searched its meaning in a dictionary which helped me a […]

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Effects Of Human Trafficking in Colorado State

Human trafficking is the plague of selling human beings forcefully without their consent across borders or domestically to traffickers with an intention of making money. The victims are exposed to various non-human activities which leave most of them having physical injuries and traumatized minds. In Colorado State, there has been recorded several cases of human […]

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