Human Trafficking Today

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“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” – William Wilberforce, an English politician, and leader of the movement to stop the slave trade. Human trafficking is a violation of humanity in society. It is a universal problem.

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It includes hiring, harboring, and deporting human individuals over the globe for uncultivated causes and slavery. Human trafficking has become more widespread around time yet the majority of the population are uninformed of it. Trafficking is a human rights concern since it affects both advanced and developing nations globally, restricting disadvantaged men, women, and children from ever obtaining true equity in modern society.

We should be genuinely concerned about human trafficking because it weaves with many other social justice issues. For example, it is connected to sex and racial inequality because at its heart is the belief that one human being is worth less and insignificant from another. I chose this topic because I always enjoyed true crime shows. That was the first place where I learned about kidnappings and human traffickings. Although it caused myself to become more paranoid about those situations, it resulted in me doing research about kidnappings and human trafficking. Educating myself of what I was paranoid about made me feel better since I became aware of what to avoid and protocols I could do if I ever encounter a scenario like that. I later recognized that the majority of people around me are not aware of how prevalent human trafficking is. This made me want to spread awareness about it by writing this paper.

The common public does not have a true awareness of the consequences of human trafficking. No matter the kinds of numerous trafficking, the number of victims is tremendous. Yet numerous of victims are usually concealed in common sight. The trafficking of humans is the following extensive criminal industry in the world. Transitioning to my question, to what extent can the common person prevent the manipulation of traffickers to reduce the rates of victims in the United States? Being able to learn the indicators of human trafficking to identify a possible victim, while also educating the people around you is very serious. You would be capable of giving a voice to victims who had it stolen due to their traffickers.

Background Information Human trafficking is the twenty-first century version of slavery. It involves fraud and force to achieve and gain some variety of hard labor or sex acts. Human trafficking affects every country in the world. Millions of men, women, and children are trafficked each year. Human trafficking is supposed to obtain billions of dollars; second to drug trafficking. The data for estimating the prevalence of human trafficking nationally are not well developed, therefore the data varies widely and changed significantly over time.

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