Human Trafficking Has Become Modern Day Slavery

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Do you know that over 20 million people are being robbed of their freedom and dignity as of right now? Well, they are being abducted, coerced and deceived by traffickers. As a result; victims have been trafficked for used as forced labor, sex trafficking, debt bondage, forced marriage and the removal of their organs. The Exploiting of human being’s dates to Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and during the medieval period (Aronowitz, 2017). Human trafficking has become modern day slavery for the purpose of exploitation. Human trafficking can be considered forced labor, removal of organs, sexual exploitation, slavery, and prostitution. Over the years, human trafficking has expanded its resources and took places in different areas, where it has become the largest criminal business in the world. Majority of human trafficking victims are minors and are taken against their will. Human Trafficking has become the 21st-century modern day slavery and continues to evolve in 127 countries. In the year of 2000; Congress passed a Trafficking Victims Protection Act to fight against trafficking. However, more solutions and policies must be implemented to stop Human Trafficking because it is still occurring. Human Trafficking abuses human rights, affects victims in numerous ways and is caused by social inequality. Victims are trafficked into a life that is difficult to escape. The largest and most known form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation. Also, it’s the most profitable source of human trafficking and it’s a global problem. From a report of 2014, there was an estimated profit of 99 billion dollars (Human Trafficking by the Numbers, 2017). Sexual exploitation is acts in which abuse, force, and coercion are used for the purpose of commercial sex. One of the main reasons why its one of largest forms of trafficking is because of the many types of tactics used to lure women. These types of tactics include: social media, drugging at bars, using family members, and exploiting vulnerabilities. Although, it’s considered a global issue, there are still ways to prevent being a victim of it. These include: education, recognizing signs, awareness, and reporting suspicious activity (Gaines, 2012). The slavery of human beings existed as early as 4000 BCE in Mesopotamia; slaves participated in agriculture, domestic and trade labor. As time went on; slavery became more brutal and exploitative because of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade existed throughout the early modern-day period; slaves were bought and sold including children. Over time the violation of victims escalated; when the White Slave Trade developed. In the 1900’s women and children were transported; traded into prostitution and forced to work in brothels (Aronowitz, 2017). The trafficking of human beings expanded over time and now this industry makes over $150 billion per year; where it has become, by far, the third largest global crime industy . According to The United Nations, 2.5 million people from 127 countries are being trafficked around the world (Petrilliggieri, 2013). Many are trafficked across borders and even within their own countries. Victims are deceived, forced or even abducted into a life of exploitation.

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