Human resource planning

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Executive Summary

I am pleased to present this report as part of my academic module of Human Resource Planning. The word ‘Change’ is now a constant term that takes place in every in every part of organisation. Time has brought a huge change with broader invention, new techniques of implication and human feelings and willingness. The Human Resource Management (HRM) has been well diversified and enriched with information resources, development of technology and globally acceptable policies. So we need to find approaches to managerial involvement in developing efficient HR Planning and Management.

In this report I tried to critically evaluate Managerial role in HR strategy development and practices including barriers preventing Line Managers(LMs) from getting involved in HR Planning and Management (HRP&M), Measures to overcome the barriers, Risk of involving LMs in HRP&M to extensive extent and easiness resulted by the development and uses of Technology in involving LMs in HR practices.

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I specially want to thank RDI for designing such a pragmatic course with great contents including models outline and techniques in such a way that inspired and helped me a lot to prepare this report.


Planning Human Resource is a critical aspect within overall organizational framework. Time has brought a great extent of change in policies, theories, techniques, HR equipment and in planning and practices if Human Resources to achieve enterprise goals through establishing wide range of successful management and designing efficient HR strategy.

Critical evaluation of the role of senior managers in developing an organizationÂ’s overall Human Resource Strategy:

Senior managers play a pivotal role in developing an organizationÂ’s overall Human Resource (HR) strategy.

Before starting the development of Human Resource (HR) Strategy, the managers need to realize Human Resource Management (HRM) activities and their integration to each other and the HR cycle as because of the strategy is designed to perform those activities efficiently to achieve a set of predetermined objectives. HRM activities and HR cycle are shown in the following diagram with their relationship to each other.

HRM Activities

Figure: Human Resource Management Activities

Human Resource Cycle

In developing overall Human Resource strategy in an organization there are three steps:

Human resource planning in an organisation:

To establish effective human resource strategy in an organization the senior managers need to plan Human Resource, which must be consistently aligned with the organizational framework.

Investigation and analysis

The managers need to investigate and analyze current situation and of internal and external trends of the organization as the first step of planning HR. The managers should mainly focus on the following key issues:

  • Identify which works need to be done
  • Selecting the approach of performing those works effectively and efficiently to achieve the organizationÂ’s objectives
  • Identify the skills and experience the organization will need
  • Identify the internal and external factors affect the supply and quality of labor,

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