Human resource management system

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1.1 Purpose of the System

The main aim of is HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is automating the resume processing for organization that is applied by the candidates. With this project organization can add the resume to the database and track the resumed to various rounds and it provides reports on jobs. The objective is to develop customize software package for organization.

The Human Resource Management System is developed using ORACLE as back-end and HTML, JSP as front-end. The operating system being used is the Windows 2000 prof.

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The automation of the above mentioned system reduces human dependences and avoids errors in data storage, analysis and retrieval. The time taken for searching candidate details is also drastically reduced due to the automation process, thus reducing the whole cycle time.

This project performs three major roles:

  • Registration
  • Junior level management
  • Senior level management

1.2 Scope Of The System

Human Resource Management System is accessible to the HR Department of the organization “GIT Solutions ”. The functional scope of the system is to provide the user friendly environment in the process of recruitment and it provides search based on particular search criteria to update resume and so scheduled and up to interview rounds. It provides reports based on job positions search.

1.3 Objectives and Success Criteria


The main objectives of the Human Resource Management System are as follows:

  • To automate selection process.
  • To facilitate high graphical user interface to the user.
  • To provide better functioning and accurate information in time.
  • To provide data maintenance features.
  • To improve the efficiency and to reduce the overload of work.
  • To generate appropriate and concerned information to the user using dynamic queries.
  • To generate appropriate reports.
  • To provide security.

Success Criteria:

It provides security to the application through login check of the user of this system through this web-based application maintenance of the recruitment process is being done in less time and add efficient manner. The module will be built using Oracle and html and jsp to allow for future enhancement and additions.

1.4 Definitions And Abbreviations


Applicant: An Individuals that is looking for career GIT Solutions

Interview: A meeting between any Executive of GIT Solutions and applicants,

where GIT Solutions determines if the employee’s skill set matches

the job that they are trying to fill.

Resume: A document containing the applicant’s Personal details, job details

Education, Skills, Past Employment, Reference information.

Test: An exercise to measure quantitatively the aptitude for specified job


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