HRM Summative Assignment

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HRM Summative Assignment

For the purpose of the question this assignment will look specifically at training and development (T&D) and its relevance to the professional service firm KPMG. Training and development are part of the Human Resource development (HRD) process. HRD is a process for developing and unleashing human expertise through organisational development and personnel training and development for the purpose of improving performance (Swanson, 1995)[1]. More specifically, Training is the procedure by which the skills, aptitudes and abilities of employees to carry out particular jobs are imparted (Jucius, 1975)[2].  The process is fundamentally one of learning in which employees can increase the effectiveness of their performance in the workplace, therefore increasing the chances of a company to reach their objectives at the most cost effective way possible. Development refers to the prospects of learning that are intended in order to help the employee grow. It does not necessarily relate to skill-orientated activities as the development processes can provide new attitudes and general knowledge. KPMG is a successful network of globally professionalcompanies offering Tax, Advisory and Auditing services, in taking revenue of $22.7 billion in 2008. They have 135,000 professionals working in 146 countries worldwide, in order to deliver value to the customer. KPMG work in a competitive environment, being one of the four strong accounting firms (See Appendix 1[3]) they have to constantly strive to improve with executive vice chair Jack Taylor stating that ‘everything we have is based on starting with the core philosophy on building knowledge by building a training and development program that is the best of the big four’[4]. According to the website ‘Sustaining and enhancing the quality of this professional workforce is KPMG’s primary objective. Wherever we operate we want our firms to be no less than the professional employers of choice’[5] . With this objective and a competitive environment with the need to differentiate, it is clear that training and development is vital for the success of the company as their reputation is built upon a good standard of service which requires a good local knowledge, sufficient insight into certain industries and also high professional capabilities. The recent global recession has been a critical period for KPMG as they are highly involved in servicing the financial sector, which was especially affected by the crisis. They will have had to fulfil their services to their clients in order for them to get through the difficult financial period. For a company such as KPMG this means increased workload and pressure on them to respond rapidly and react suitably to keep up the loyalty from clients. However, KPMG have a flexile and adaptable training strategy with their managers and training department integrating together, within the short space of a few days being able to create a resolution by providing a programme for employees to learn.

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