Hrm in india

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who were directly or indirectly involved in this project. Thank to Almighty GOD who gave us strength and knowledge to complete our final research project.

Special thanks to our advisor PROF. Who compelled us to go beyond the limits of our capabilities and achieve the task that I have accomplished. Without the care, co-ordination, motivation and above all guidance of our advisor, it was impossible to triumph over the difficult task to complete this research project. We are grateful to her for this perceptiveness and guidance during our final project.

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A vital Part and asset of an organization are its employees. In order to optimize the organization’s performance, it is necessary to place right person at right job. The act of placing the right person at right job is known as Human Resource. In today’s world Human Resource department is becoming a fundamental ingredient of any organization. Right now we a re living in a corporate era, where existence in the business world is possible only by giving your best shot, and to achieve this one have to employ the best people in the organization.

The elder examples of employment of human resource strategies are derived from the Pharo’s era, who used to employ labor to build Egypt castles. Modification in those strategies gives birth to HR departments in organizations in recent era. From the last decade, organizations are paying attention towards not only the incorporation of HR department, but also towards development of perfect HR strategies. Human Resource consist of four major activities explained below:

Recruitment deals with making the applicants know about the available vacancy. After recruitment activities, selection processes starts. Retention activities are done in order to keep employees stay in the organization. Last but not the least, restructuring of the organization is taken place with the help of firing or right sizing. In our research project, we are going to analyze the importance of HR department with the help of any one of the human resource strategy in different organizations.

This era is considered as the age of human resources. The globalization is creating significant face up to business in the world and the thought of HRM is to build up the attentive involvement of laypeople in dealings.HRM is doing very significant work to choose, recruit and train the right people at the right time at the right place for right type of work.

In the recent years HRM has become much popular and is widely accepted in every organization. The human resources (employees) of the organization whether they are full, part or contract workers are important. Human Resource Development (HRD) is the process of increasing the knowledge,

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