Hr Environment At Dell

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Discuss how the HR environment at Dell is managed. Your discussion must cover the following: ? Linking HRM practices to the company’s business objectives. ? Designing work that motivates and satisfies the employees as well as maximising customer service quality and productivity. Human Resource Management refers to the policies, practices and systems that influence employee’s behaviour, attitudes and performances. Nowadays more and more companies are recognising the fact that the key to company success is its employees, since effective utilisation of this resource results in a sustainable competitive advantage and optimises shareholder value. Dell is thus adopting HRM practices, namely job analysis and design, recruitment, selection and placement, training, development and career management, reward to ensure that the company is staffed with people who have the necessary knowledge, skill and ability to perform their part in implementing the company’s strategic goals. Dell pays market-related salaries and offers a range of standard big-company benefits as a means of attracting top performers into its business and to motivate its current employees. Listening to what employees have to say, how they feel about their jobs, supervisors, tools and resources, assessing their satisfaction are very important for Dell. In this context, an online Human Resource feedback form is provided to its employees to allow them to give anonymous feedback about the working environment. They can also rate their managers, company culture and benefits through a climate survey which is carried out twice a year. To give assurance to its employees that they are being treated fairly and that HR policies are being applied consistently throughout the company, Dell has a formal code of conduct that emphasises high ethical standards in every area of the company’s business, from interaction with customers, competitors, government and other stakeholders, through to employee privacy, environmental standards, and managing potential conflicts of interest. But Dell does not believe that above average remuneration and outstanding fringe benefit, fair treatment and pleasant working conditions only, can motivate its employees. According to Hertzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation, two sets of factors influence motivation and job satisfaction; they are hygiene factors and motivators. Hygiene factors which include organisational policy and administration, equipment, supervision, interpersonal relationships with colleagues,

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