How to write a finance dissertation

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How to write a finance dissertation

When writing a successful finance dissertation you are looking to display a thorough knowledge of the key concepts of your course, and you want to show that you are capable of producing a confident piece of academic research and writing. Whilst there are many ways to ensure that your finance dissertation is stylistically impressive and is fully functional, there are several practical steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that marks are not docked for simple mistakes.

A good starting point is to go through the process of reading another finance dissertation in order to gauge more precisely what is needed. Copies of past finance dissertations can be found in your University library. However, before you even get to this stage you need to choose your question. The question you eventually chose for your finance dissertation must show a clear objective, and in order to do that your topic needs to be well researched. If you have a vague question then your finance dissertation will itself turn out to be vague, as well as being more difficult and more time-consuming to research. You will need to focus on a specific part of your finance course. Coming up with a topic and title for your finance dissertation is often difficult, but it is also vital as it sets the tone for the work you produce thereafter; a narrowly defined topic helps you to stay focused. It is best to choose a topic which you are passionate about and interested in. Once you have decided upon your topic and what your question will be then you can go about finding a similarly titled finance dissertation in your University library to study.

It is essential when working on your finance dissertation that you create a timetable for you to work to and then make sure that you stick to it. This will help you to obtain the relevant source material, and at the same time will be an insurance against things going unexpectedly wrong. You need to start by carrying out thorough research on as many journals and research papers on your chosen subject as is possible. Then you need to identify what the different positions and viewpoints of the academics are on your chosen subject. Once you have identified what the key areas of opinion are then this will help you to produce your plan for your finance dissertation. Once you have conducted your primary research you will need to interpret the data and try to come to conclusions. This is an important process which requires intense concentration.

In your finance dissertation introduction you should set out as best as possible what the purposes of your research are and what methods you have used for your investigation. Once you have completed the writing for your finance dissertation you will also need time to carefully and thoroughly proofread, copy edit and format everything you have written. This will help you to make sure that your finance dissertation is both factually and stylistically consistent throughout. Finally it is very important that your finance dissertation should be clearly referenced. Referencing is important for many reasons, specifically to avoid accusations of plagiarism; poor referencing can lead to docked marks. You also need to insure that the style of referencing is the same as specified.


The key to writing a good finance dissertation is to pace yourself properly. This is in order to best avoid a panic in the final few days, and also to give yourself breathing space to reflect on your research and to help produce a well written and logical piece of work. Before pressing on with your writing a thorough understanding of what kind of analysis will be needed is essential.

In a finance dissertation you need to be able to show that you have the ability to produce a serious academic analysis of your subject. As well as focusing on your specific topic, you should also be able to give a broad overview of your degree course. Only producing simple descriptions of the arguments and the topic will not be enough in a successful finance dissertation, and will not show that you have gained a thorough understanding of the issues and concepts of your course. A successful finance dissertation should be full of analysis, critical evaluation and discussion of your subject. It is of vital importance that you manage to show what you have learnt. You need to show evidence of thought and insight, as well as evidence that you have a good grasp of the relevant concepts. A finance dissertation tests your ability to present a sustained academic argument in a clear, logical manner. Your finance dissertation must show that you are confident in using the relevant scholarly apparatus necessary to support your argument.


When looking at your completed finance dissertation there are several points which you need to check in order to avoid losing marks for silly mistakes. Your finance dissertation will more likely than not need a title page and a page of contents, and there is likely to be other vital information which needs to be included at the start of your finance dissertation. If necessary you need to produce tables or charts of relevant data in your finance dissertation. At the end you should include bibliography of the sources used. As mentioned before your finance dissertation needs to be thoroughly referenced throughout.

Stylistically it is important that you avoid colloquialisms, or sloppy grammar. You should always ensure when writing your finance dissertation that you stick to the thread of your central argument. Ideally paragraphs should be approximately five or six sentences long, and should have good linking words and phrases. When writing you should try as far as possible to avoid personal language such as ‘I’ or ‘my’.

By sticking to a plan and by demonstrating a thorough knowledge of your subject area, as well as an original and compelling conclusion, you can produce a high quality finance dissertation.

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