How to write a business essay

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HOW TO WRITE A BUSINESS ESSAY Introduction Business Essays cover a variety of subjects. You could be asked to provide Essays on areas as diverse as finance, marketing, corporate ethics, leadership, human resources, production, product development and a wide range of other topics. Essays also take many forms.

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Your tutor, examiner, university entrance assessor, boss or whoever sets the Brief (the Client) could ask you to illustrate, discuss, analyse, critique, interpret, review, or explain the subject matter. The Client will be using the Essay to assess and evaluate your business knowledge and understanding. How effectively you assimilate the Brief, research the issues and ultimately provide an Essay of insight and originality will reflect on this judgement. This guide covers the steps for preparing a Business Essay for your Client. It is a general framework and may not cover every element for a specific piece of work. Some steps could be more important than others dependant on your interpretation of the Brief and the Clients requirements. Plan and Prepare This is the most critical step in the process. A clear understanding of the subject matter, the key elements of the Brief and the Clients requirements is essential for preparing a final product worthy of your expertise. These first steps should be revisited regularly throughout the preparation of the Essay.   Understand the Brief

  • Identify what the Client is looking for. Try and get into the Clients mind to understand the critical issues. If you are unsure about any part of the Brief, ask for guidance.
  • Clearly define the required outcomes. A short statement of objectives will help you concentrate on the main issues.
  • Define the key elements and essential points the Essay will cover.
  • Review any course notes or projects the Client has identified as relevant for this assignment.

Plan an outline for the Essay structure with bullet point notes

  • Think about the Introduction carefully. Note what should be covered.
  • Outline the body of the report with sections for each major issue.

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