How to Read literature

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In Thomas C. Foster’s How To Read Literature Like a Professor, Foster shows us how to attack or understand text that we read. As we read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein we notice concepts she uses that we learned from How to Read literature. A few concepts Mary Shelley uses is violence, imperfections, and symbols.

In Foster’s, How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Foster discusses violence in literature and how it usually will mean something else. Violence is personal, intimate, cultural, and societal. Violence is meant to be a symbolic act and to propel characters and actions forward throughout the text. Violent acts that are considered accidents usually do not happen in literature. Foster mentioned how making actions happen, causing plot complications, ending plot complications, and putting other characters under stress are four reasons authors will involve violence in their text.

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Foster also noted that specific violent acts is from character to character and is always intentional.
In Shelley’s Frankenstein, the monster created by Victor performed multiple violent acts. One violent act the monster did in the story happens in chapter 23 of Frankenstein. In this chapter Victor had a feeling that something bad was going to happen when the monster arrived. While he was looking for the monster around the house, his wife was killed. Shelley uses violence in this chapter to make actions happen and to cause stress for Victor. Later in the book Victor spends a lot of time searching for the monster, which shows how one violent act led to other actions happening throughout the story.

In chapter 21 of Fosters How to Read Literature Like a Professor,

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