How To Deal With Homelessness?

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Different Approaches to Dealing with Homelessness

Homelessness is a condition that is known by the society. In many countries the population of homeless has been increasing, which requires especial attention from authorities and government. Many factors contribute to the condition of homelessness such as: economic, family breakdown and substance abuse issues. As a result, the interventions might be vast, which may bring different approaches and methodologies to decrease the population of homeless people in the streets, and also empowering them to have a new perspective of life.

There are two approaches of homelessness, which took my attention. The first one is the Oasis Book Club that takes place in Boston. This is a group of volunteers that created a small group of people to read and discuss books that are chosen by them. It brings a positive return. As Tobin said in the article on WBUR news (2010): “Small groups where they are listened to, where their voice is heard, where they are heard, reinforce that sense of self-worth and value. And that’s what’s at the core of the book club.”

Once invisible and discriminated against, now known and valued for who they are. It brings an interesting experience for those who do not feel part of the society. Even though the approached do not come up with an effective intervention to change their reality, by offering them a shelter as a regular tool that is commonly used by professionals of the field, it influenced them to have a sense of belonging and dignity.
An NPR article also highlights What’s so important about the club, is that its members finally feel like someone cares what they think (Tobin, 2010). Therefore, it also makes them have critical thoughts, sometimes might bring them back to life and also change their lives.

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