How to Deal with Anxiety

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Ferris Bueller says it best Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. What Matthew Broderick’s character is basically saying this, life flashes before each individuals lives, they should all ponder about what has been going on and take control of themselves.

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According to Stewart Stafford he says that Rejection puts you out of your comfort zone which is usually at your best. Rejection is tough and it is a way of life. There are many different thoughts that go into our mind How did this happen, Why did this happen, How can I make the pain go away, How can I make my life better. They have to face the facts, rejection happens all the time. For some of us we can move on after the first day, a few weeks, or even it can take a few months. There are many ways to conquer the mental mindset of rejection. However, it takes time. Individuals can get help from everyone around who truly do care for them. The people who think their mind is closed should their mind back up. Once he or she reads this, they will then realize that their life matters, they can move on from rejection, and they can have endless opportunities out in this world. There are many different ways to see rejection but it could by how he or she has confidence in their life to do something for a change.

MRI Studies have shown in the past that the brain plays a major part for people talking about their rejections. The brain has similar emotions to someone having feelings of rejection to someone having physical pain. In another study, researchers gave normal people some advil before talking about in issue that they had in the past. Once the research was all gathered up, the researchers found out that advil can help calm down the person of someone being nervous (Winch 2013). The sensitive pain is the main way that rejection can affect of how we feel good. Rejections can also hurt our state of mind, it can make us turn into a different versions of ourselves and that is not the people that they need to be. The worst type of pain that hurts them is doing harm to their souls. This can affect the people that we love but, it really affects with the person behaving in a negative manner. Having negative thoughts is not a good thing and those people need to move on from them. Bad thoughts can take them out of having a group of friends and make them feel like an outsider. Making those certain people act like outsiders can make them feel alone and that’s tough. It can also affect oneself when they get upset or create violence and that is not a good.

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