How to Build A Body

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Ball Crunch “ My Core is at a point where I can do these pretty much ad infinitum, but when I first started out a couple years ago I found them noticeably more difficult than a tradition crunch on the floor. A part of that was due to having to develop balance and stability for performing the crunch while on a sphere.

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Ball Biceps Curl “ at high weights I found it a bit easier than normal, since I could sue the ball as a stabilizer.


Ball Rear Deltoid Row “ The only additional difficulty was remaining stable on a sphere.


Hyperextension “ I could feel my stabilizer muscles activating in ways they’re not normally required to maintain the proper form.


Ball Calf Raise “ No change in weight, pressing the ball firm as a handle.


Hip Bridge “ I can feel the muscles in my glutes (and lower) back active a lot faster, due to the elevation and need for suspension.


Ball Reverse Leg Curl “ Can get bored doing these without the ball, but with it it adds the extra muscle tension and new focus on balancing.


Alternating Arm-Leg Extension “ Find the difficulty fot his depends more on the size of the ball, larger ones forcing my muscles to work ahrder to stay in place and keep proper form.


Ball Side Crunch “ Similarly to the ball crunch the results didn’t really change at this stage,

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