How the Post Treatment of Muslims is a Witch Hunt

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Studies show every one in twenty-five defendants who are sentenced to death in the United States are later found innocent (Gross). Many people are wrongfully accused. Throughout history, groups of people are targeted with inaccurate information and are accused of crimes they did not commit. This is called a witch hunt. After 9/11, Muslims lives are a constant witch hunt in the United States. Muslims experience hate crimes, public humiliation, and constant investigation after the 9/11 attacks.

        Muslims have, and still, experience hate crimes from other religions and ethnicities. On September 19, 2008, two non-Muslim Americans were arrested for repeatedly vandalizing and damaging cars parked outside of a Muslims house. They broke windows, windshields, and the metal bodies of the cars (US Newswire). Also, in January 2017, another hate crime was committed. A man was arrested for robbing a mosque, the house of worship for Muslims, and setting it on fire. One of the members of the mosque, Abe Ajrami said, I hope people understand that this is not something we watch on TV or read in the newspaper. This is something we live daily (Suhay). Statistics show, in 2000, before 9/11, there were twelve reported assaults against Muslims in America. In the year 2016, post 9/11, there were 127 (Kishi). Muslims do not deserve all the hate they receive.

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        Not only do Muslims experience hate crimes, but they also deal with public humiliation. In a Chicago grocery store in 2009, a white woman pulled down a Muslim woman’s hijab (headscarf) and muttered something about the shootings in Texas, assuming her religion had something to do with them.

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