How the Internet has affected the way People Read

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In the current age and time, people have become careless in regards to what they read and believe especially due to the high number of online news sources. Notably, the owners of these sources are out to promote their rationale which is in most cases generated from their own opinion or experience. Gone are the days when people used to read newspaper articles and magazines which were written by well-trained professionals thus contained accurate information.

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Sadly, the current internet technology has brought along the rise of blogging platform through which people seek to generate cash and popularity regardless of what they pass to the readers. This paper aims at determining how the current wide use of internet has affected the way people read.

The internet Misguides and Misleads People

Without a doubt, articles from the internet can be very misleading since the writer might be passing the information you want to hear rather than that which is correct. As opposed to newspaper and journal writers who have a reputation to protect, the current breed of writers cares less about their reputation as wrong as they get fame and huge traffic to their websites which translates to extra profits. A case example is when President Trump tweeted that he had won the popular vote, which was a lie but it earned him millions of curious followers on Twitter, most of whom believed the lie to ignorance and laziness of finding the correct information from reputable and trusted sources (Herold).

Why is Fake News Popular on the Internet?

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