How The Electoral College Works?

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To understand how the Electoral College works, we will start with a little bit of background on how the Electoral College was chosen to be the official process to choose the president and Vice President of the U.S.

The Electoral College started on the 1804, it all started when the Constitutional Convention of 1787 considered different methods to choose the President and Vice President. In fact, the methods that the Convention thought would be useful to choose the President were: that Congress will choose the President, or the President will be chosen by popular votes,however, a lot of people did not agree with these type of methods because they thought that it was unfair because if they let the Congress to choose any person that they want, it will not benefit the people because the person that Congress will put as President will only talk and act as the way Congress wants it. After having thought what will be the best method to choose the president, the founding fathers found out that a President can be chosen by the people by a majority of votes. Accordingly, to become President, a candidate must have won a total of 270 votes of 538. To be able to win this total of votes a candidate must win the states with the majority number of senators and house of representatives because this number will represents the state, also people take an important place by voting.

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In fact, choosing a President is not an easy action to do because the process to choose a president might take a while because as we mentioned before the candidate has to get a certain number of votes.

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