How The Civil War Affected On Slaves?

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The focus of this investigation will be “ How the Civil War impacted the lives of the Slaves?” This question is showing how meaningful was the Civil War and did it impact the lives of the slaves ( African-Americans) the way we all think it did. This will also evaluate did the Civil War really hold a meaning of changing slaves ( African-American) lives. In order to evaluate both sides of this question, I have two main sources to evaluate.

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“Life after slavery for African-Americans” and “What happened after slavery ended by David Kenneth” This source is for the educational purpose, would really be significant in explaining the impact of African American lives after slavery was ended with the Civil War. It talks about the Thirteenth Amendment which abolished slavery.

It explains in good details about the Reconstruction period and how long it took and how maybe that reconstruction was still going after the Reconstruction period ended. How education was really a strong fundamental for many African Americans and black churches. Also how many African Americans still stayed in the south in rural poor areas for decades after the Civil War ended. The purpose of the source was to educate people and give them a better understanding of the topic. This source is the main limitations is its content. Although it holds very good content it is for educational use for everyone to understand so it does not go into as much detail as you would like it to about life after slavery.

When talking about education which was something that slaves wanted the most ( besides freedom) this source briefly talked about freedom Bureau from 1865 to 1870. this only gives me an idea of what acts they had in order after the Civil War but it doesn’t really explain what the freedom Bureau is. This other source which is an article that was made by a professor in African American history really helps answer the question based off of the content. It goes in depth with black codes, how previous slave owners were to finesse the system even after slavery was banned. The limitations of the source are pretty impeccable it gives you all the details that you need and more. This source value is useful and many different ways because it talks about topics that we normally don’t talk about and gives you a better perspective of how it really was. It also helps because in the article it lists all the sources of where the author of the article got their sources too. This secondary source Main limitations would be its purpose.

From what I understand the author would only write this for an educational purpose. Based off of the author’s background of being a history professor and what the author does.

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