How Permanently End Procrastination

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Do you identify with any of these common behaviors? Do you usually start your work with the easier tasks rather than the more difficult ones? Do you tend to choose pleasurable activities over more important activities? How about performing a series of less valuable activities, just so you wont have to start what youre really supposed to be doing? Ever do this? If you find yourself indulging in such behaviors, then you, as so many other people, are procrastinating. Procrastination is the habit of putting off the completion of tasks. However, take comfort: You are not alone! Facts: Get stats external links Procrastination is very common problem in our society.

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Procrastination breeds stress.

What you will learn in this post:

  • How procrastination causes stress
  • Say this w/statistics, like Stuart does – subtle forms of procrastination you might not notice –
  • What are the real reasons people/you procrastinate?

Three proven techniques you can use to permanently end procrastination How does procrastination cause stress? Procrastination is a common, even pervasive, source of stress in contemporary society. Why? So, you relax for a while. You do what you like. Isnt relaxation the opposite of stress?

It’s the consequences, my friend. The consequences. Think about when you decided, Ill do that later. Right now, Im going to do something I like. You knew you had to get it done. Yet you kept putting it off in favor of a preferred task. Then, uh-oh — deadline coming up! Stress building! All these putting off activities are avoidance behaviors indulging in alternatives you prefer, in lieu of what you know you should do.

Procrastination causes delays, often resulting in tension and worry. It often forces people to cram at the last minute. Cramming is a high-adrenaline state that leads to even more stress. Find those other reasons it causes stress external link So, procrastination is known as a stressor. Did you know? I’ve heard that 99% of the time, people feel regret after they have procrastinated. True or not, nevertheless, procrastinating leaves people less time to complete what they should have started earlier. The procrastinator can even get into a bind with meeting a deadline. The sneaky thing about procrastinating is that you may be satisfied and happy while youre avoiding the task. The downside emerges as the deadlines close in. This the time of the reality check and regret. The procrastinator has already spent most of the available time he had.

Put into a frame: Why Put Off Today What You Will Regret Tomorrow? Why do people procrastinate? Why do intelligent people bring this stress upon themselves? If we want to beat the habit procrastination, we have to understand why people habitually resort to procrastination in the first place:

Discomfort Discomfort may be mental,

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