How Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and impacted decision enter the World War II

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The Pearl Harbor is remained important to this day. On Sunday, December 7,1984 Japan made a surprise attack on the US Marine Base in Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu Hawaii which made United States enter to the World War II, but was it a really surprise for USA? “How secret is a secret in a country where years of censorship have trained an analytical, alert population in the discreet whisper and the fine art of putting two and two together? And how secret is secret when one’s ideas are no longer exclusively one’s own? (Prange, At Dawn We Slept, Range 30)..

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Pearl Harbor made gave the producers ideas to make movies about this event. There are currently fifteen movies that made about Pearl Harbor. There is also a lot of written books about Pearl Harbor one of them is called Embracing Defeat. Japan in the Wake of World War II written by John Dower. He is a History professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This book covers the history of Japan when USA military left Japan and it also covers Emperor Hirohito’s speech to his people on August 15, 1945 until 1952.The United States saw a good opportunity to recreate Japan with their own democratic image, but the problem was Japanese people follow their tradition, so this wouldn’t be an easy task for United States. In his book he quotes that some sense of the Japanese experience of defeat by focusing on social and cultural developmentsat levels of society. In this quote he is talking about after the War. His portrayal of the towns that bomb out Tokyo provides a touching evidence of weaken condition that many Japanese people found themselves at the War in the end.

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