How Investors Encounter Political Risk In Project Finance Finance Essay

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Project Finance is a long term project which needs political will of the governments. It is a long term investment which needs political motivation as well as the continuation of the economic policies of the government. The governments adopts project finance for the provision of public infrastructure through PPPS. The success or failure of project finance has severe political consequences.

It is difficult to made or run any project finance without any political support. For example a project finance agreement between a state owned power company and a project company for the construction of power station can not be possible unless the top management of the official company decides that the project is in their interest. The break through can only be possible when there is a strong direction of the government.

Political support is needed from initiating the project till the completion of the project. Financers need to take steps for the alleviation of political risks before providing any finance to the project. There are three classes or groups of political risks which includes investment risks and investment risks includes Currency convertibility and transfer, expropriation of the project by the state and political violence.

Political risk in project finance also includes the change of law which means legislative, judiciary or executive can take a decision in which laws are changed which includes new import export restrictions, changes in environmental law, and new tax regulations. Quasi-Political Risks includes breach of contract and court decisions.

Project financers and sponsors can reduce political risk by signing an investor friendly agreement between the sponsor and the government. Political risk can be reduced through the risk insurance through the insurance companies present in the private sector. Companies should also take legislative protection by signing an agreement with the government that any change of law will not affect the terms and conditions of the government.

Government should gave permission to the company that there is no restriction on the company if it will take loan from the private sector.

After the 9/11 incident in America there were claims of billions of dollars which insurance companies had to pay to the claimants of world trade center. So now it is difficult to buy any risk insurance policy because now insurance company is selling terrorism insurance policy. The problem is that terrorist activities in the world is increasing and now no company is ready to take the risk.

In the thirld world counteries financing of large projects wrere managed by the governments. In thirld world counteries most projects were given on Built, Operate and Transfer basis. Governments gave such type of projects to the companies in which they don’t want to involve due to some reasons which includes   pessure from international organizations, local pressures and environmental issues.

Economic benefits of project finance includes a secured loan to the sponsor secured by the project assets would normally give lenders recourse to sponsors’

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