How Harry Potter Impacted the World

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Many people all across the globe fell in love with Harry Potter over the years, whether it be the movies, books, games, or any other of the novelties associated with the franchise. Most people, however, haven’t thought how the books that started this global phenomenon, have impacted them. The Harry Potter book series has made an impact on numerous people throughout the world. From helping young readers develop reading skills, to captivating people around the globe, Harry Potter has something for everyone, which is why it is why it has reached so many people, and taught us all a lessonhas been such a success.

The books have helped people develop reading skills, and made people want to read.

As the series progressed there are increasingly complex problems and language. In the first book there was a young wizard who had problems with his family, such as no parents and an abusive foster family. He was also solving problems, and attending school. The book used basic language for the most part. By the seventh book, Harry was battling the evil wizard, Voldemort, and his army. Harry had to cope with the loss of friends and to make difficult decisions. There was also more complex language and problems. The Harry Potter books have helped people develop reading skills, and made people want to readNeed transition here and more information to prove this point in this paragraph.

The books also allows people to escape everyday life and immerse themselves into a fantasy world, making people want to read. If someone has problems in their everyday life, they can escape these problems by reading about a fantasy world. The main character, Harry, also has his flaws and problems, but deals with them and overcomes them. This makes Harry Potter relatable to the reader, and shows that they can also overcome these obstacles. According to Sara Ann Beach, and Elizabeth Harden Willner, The magical world created by Rowling draws young readers into the books by connecting aspects of the world in which they live with a world that transcends reality. Harry and his friends participate in such everyday activities as buying school supplies, sending and receiving letters, going to classes, and playing sportsmuch like an average kid. However, school supplies are not pencils and notebooks, classes do not include science and mathematics, letters are not delivered by a mail carrier, and the main sport is Quidditch, a cross between rugby and basketball played on broomsticks. For school supplies, Harry and friends head to Diagon Alley, the equivalent of a wizard mall, to purchase wands, (1). Although this seems like the life of an everyday kid, it also has things outside of our realm. Since the book’s genre is fantasy, it allows people to experience things not able to be experienced in real life. According to Beach and Willner, The nonhuman characters that inhabit both Hogwarts and the wizard world are the creatures of myth and fantasy, creatures that fascinate young readers.

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