How GMOs Can End World Hunger

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Genetically modified foods can end world hunger

The first genetically modified organism was approved in 1982, it was approved by the FDA. Later, Flavr Savr tomatoes were approved to be sold at grocery store shelves. Humans have been using genetically modified foods for over 30,000 years.

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Even our ancestors used GMOs. In 1937, there was a huge breakthrough in GMO technology. The cause of the breakthrough was because of Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen worked together to engineer the first-ever genetically engineered organisms. Due to this breakthrough, there is still a debate going on till today, but the scientific community has concluded that Genetically engineered food is indeed safe. GMOs consist of soy, corn or other crops. Farmers have been selecting some of the best plants and seeds from their domesticated crops for up to 10,000 years.

According to studies, by 2050, 70% of humans will need to produce more food to feed the population. Scientists have stated that GMOs are and will be very useful. GMOs can help feed the growing population. Biotechnology is the only way to feed the population. Biotech food can be healthier, but it can also help prevent cancer or a heart attack because there is a natural production of antioxidants. In 2007, studies showed that 60% of the population preferred genetically modified tomatoes. The population preferred the GM tomatoes because they last longer on the shelves. By having tomatoes on longer shelves, that means that we could ship tomatoes. By reducing the need to spray, GMOs cut farmers fuel, which helps global warming. Some GM foods have been proven that the higher levels of specific nutrients such as protein, calcium, or folate.

Many people believe that GMOs are not good, but scientists prove that GMOs and genetically modified foods are indeed not bad. Believe it or not, you as well as everyone else, eat genetically modified foods. Yes, GMOs can harm the environment, but they also save millions of lives. We believe that they are good, for many reasons, one of these reasons being to end world hunger.

Much of the food that we eat is GM foods. World hunger has been going for about since 1990. My group and I believe that nobody should suffer from hunger. Studies show that by 2050 the world will be past 5 billion people. Where is the world going to get enough food? Due to the number of people, there will be no space to plant crops. GM foods dont have to be grown. Researchers have shown that thousands of children show up to school on an empty stomach due to not having food. Thousands of kids also die because they dont have enough of vitamin A.. Yes, GM foods affect the world,

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