How Faith in God Came to Be?

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A King named Dashrat ruled, north of the Ganges River, in the city of Ayodhya. He was astute and robust, but still childless. The gods in heaven were greatly agitated by Ravan, the demon King of Lanka.

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The King turned to Vishnu for aid. King Dasharatha begs to Vishnu, “Please my lord we need you to incarnate in order to defeat Ravana.” Lord Vishnu knowing the trouble that Ravan has caused, agreed, “I shall incarnate as one of your sons” Lord Vishnu is the third god to be created in Hinduism and is depicted as having dark blue skin and having four arms. King Dasharatha’s three wives bore four boys: Bharat, Lakshman, Shatrughn, and Ram (in whom Vishnu had incarnated himself). Ram the eldest, of the four princes, was his father’s favorite. Lakshman, since he was a child, was keenly dedicated to his elder brother. He was Ram’s second hand and accomplished all his desires even before they were told.

They were trained in all the special arts, as the four princes grew up, and Ram excelled at everything. Janak, one of the king’s advisors, the father of beautiful Sita, was thinking of whom Sita should marry. Janak had announced, “May the mightiest warrior who can lift this bow can marry my daughter Sita.” (Ram…Ram) Several princes and warriors had tried, almost inconceivably capable to even move it, but when Ram’s chance arrived, his constricted grip snapped the bow in two. Strikingly astonished he gave him his consent to marry his daughter. Dasharath was mind blown, and so the marriage of Ram and Sita was lavishly celebrated. (Ram…Ram) And so Ram lived blissfully with his beloved wife Sita in Ayodhya. Dasharath sensed old age inevitable, so he decided with his advisors to appoint his prized son Ram as King of Ayodhya. (Ram…Ram) When the crippled Queen Kaikeyi had heard of this, she thought to make her own son Bharat to the throne, in place of Ram.

The king had gifted her two wishes in the past, when she saved his life, which she had not used yet. Kaikeyi selfishly requests, “ I want Ram banished for seven years and appoint my son Bharat as the King of Ayodhya.” The King was tortured by grief and regret, but when Rama found out, he fragrantly accepted his banishment, so that his father won’t be seen as dishonest and cowardly. (Rama…Rama) In sorrows, his mother and Lakshman tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted, “It’s my highest duty to help my father to keep his word.” He informed Sita of his decision, telling her, “I need you to be kind to Bharat, to live piously and chastely in Ayodhya, and to serve his father and his mothers obediently.” (Ram…Ram) But Sita answered him in an ardent speech on the duties of a woman,

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