How Does Time Management Work?

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1. Compare the results of your personal time allocation to your ideal time allocation. Are you close to your ideal allocation? If not, what factors are affecting your use of time?

It was not much different. Once I added the numbers up it came down to 169 hours. I went back and reviewed the times and I realized that I had more time down to “eating (including preparing food), etc.) than I actually use. I have set working on my classes as my top priority and I’ve been dedicating all the free hours that I have. One thing I’ve noticed is that the time I wrote down for attending class and studying is really an estimate. I’m not exactly sure on how much time I’m spending because I don’t keep track, I’ve just been using all my free time to study and focusing on finish all the assignments as soon as possible. But I know it’s a considerable amount of time. I’ve decided I’m going to start a log starting next week’s term so I can have an exact idea of how I’m using my time.

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2. Based on what you’ve read this week, what strategies can you use to more effectively manage your time? Be sure to identify at least three time management strategies, and describe how you will apply them.

1. Time management: According to the textbook “To succeed in college, virtually everyone has to develop effective strategies for dealing with time. Something, somewhere has to give. That’s part of time management—and why it’s important to keep your goals and priorities in mind.

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