How does social media affect political participation of millennials

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Social media plays a distinguished role in today’s society, especially the lives of Millennials. The majority of Millennials use some form of social media sites and with the amount of political content on these various sites, it can influence viewers opinions more especially during election time. This generation group is a large group of adults that will have a significant impact on the political landscape in the near future.

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Since Millennials will comprise a large portion of voters in the upcoming elections, their political participation, or the lack of, will impact the outcome of the elections. There are several pros using social media as an outlet to receive political updates. Political candidates are able to interact directly with the public which allows people not to just be voters but active participants as well. Millennials constantly have their phones in their hands allowing them to get the latest information on social media. Although social media may be an outlet for people to receive political information, social media is highly used for slander and information is distorted by inaccurate and misleading facts. If social media is used correctly, there can be a positive effect on the political participation of millennial’s in the age of technology.

Social media is defined as “computer intermediated tools that allow people or companies to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual groups and networks” ( Social media has turned into a rising and prevalent resource today. It is the most utilized and reasonable method for correspondence among the Millennial in today’s age of technology. As stated by Boyd and Ellison, Social Networking Sites are continuously attracting academic and numerous other industries research due to their ability to reach the public and affordability. In this way, social media is considered as one of the most successful learning gadgets which enhances relational abilities and information. Kaur and Kaur analyzed the use of social media and how it impacts people and concluded that that social media sites are found to act as a major social influence which impacts the personal lives of the users. The development and prominence of social media have made it simple for an individual to communicate with close friends or even a complete stranger. So, one can extend their social circle of friends with the use of social media.

The Millennial generation is also known as Generation Y or the generation that follows directly after Generation X. Generation Y consists of people born during 1980 and 2000. In simpler words, the people within this generation are within the age group of 18-34 years. This population is also known as the Net Generation because they have grown up with a majority of the technological advancements (Kavitha and Bhuvaneswari). According to the Harris Poll,

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