How Does Qatar Deals With Earthquakes

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In the past several decades, Qatar has been included the low probability expectation from any major naturally-occurring incidents like earthquakes, floods, droughts or heavy storms. A United Nations report published ranked the country as among the world’s safest.

An earthquake is a sudden, rapid shaking of the earth caused by the shifting of rock beneath the earth’s surface. They strike without warning, at any time of year, day or night. 

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One of the most significant consequences of both natural and human-induced disasters is impacts. They have at schools as it is often one of the first activities abandoned when disasters occur. Children spend up to 50% of their waking hours in educational facilities. Children and adult’s death in schools cause irreplaceable losses to families, communities and countries. Millions of children also suffer lifelong injuries and disabilities through disasters.

Experiencing with the earthquake happened in other country left many victims. Most of them are elderly and children. Not all children are trained to deal with disaster, therefore it is necessary to conduct an exercise elementary school so the students have a knowledge about dealing with disaster if it is suddenly happened. 

In relation to the effort of managing disaster, the school has a tangible role in building community resilience. Schools, have to plan and commit in making effort to create a conducive learning atmosphere and process to enable the students to develop their potentials actively, and to express religious and spirituality, self-control, personality, intelligence, good morals, and skills needed for themselves, their communities, and country.

Pertaining to this, the school still gains trust as an effective institution to build the culture of disaster preparedness in societies, particularly among students, teachers, education practitioners, other stakeholders as well as to the public.

As an effort to build the school disaster preparedness, SDP (SCHOOLBASED DISASTER PREPAREDNESS) is developed to raise awareness on DRR for all stakeholders in the education sector, both individually and collectively. Preparedness is a part of the effort to anticipate and manage disaster in order to reduce its impacts/risks. DRR mainstreaming into national education system becomes an approach in developing the SDP (SCHOOLBASED DISASTER PREPAREDNESS) concept, which covers eight standards in accordance to the National Standard for Education.

Objective: This was not only because of Qatar’s location away from disaster hotspots, but also due to its high state of preparedness in case of emergencies.

The main aims of this research are to find out the effect of disaster simulation method toward the children readiness

The purposes of this article are to describe:

  • the preparedness plan for facing disaster, which should be properly implemented, particularly in its management.
  • the problems that might be found in arranging the preparedness plan for facing disaster,

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