How Do Cellphones Reduce Attention

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Cellphones have become extremely popular over the years. They started out as being used for basic communication such as calling others. They then started to include letters under the numbers so that we can text.

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Now, cellphones are called smartphones. These phones allow consumers to do everything that can be done on a computer, and everything that can be done on a phone. They have become more of a distracting device as time goes by. The number of distracted students, drivers, employees, co-workers, family members, friends, have only gone up. Upon research, it has been proven that cellphones reduce our attention in various environments and situations. In this research, we will look at the different actions we take that make cellphones reduce our ability to pay attention fully.

To start with, the use of cellphones has demonstrated weakened performance in multitasking. For example, students in class contribute to cellphones reducing attention. According to (Mendoza, Pody, Lee, Kim, McDonough 2018)  Young adults between the ages of 18–24 send or receive an average of 109 text messages per day. Although cellphones have other features such as voice call and web browsing, text messaging appears to be the most convenient method of communication among young adults. Such excessive cellphone use has brought researchers to focus on how this usage impacts learning and memory in classroom settings. Today, there is a major influence by social media and the addiction it has on students. In high school, it is still manageable to control students from using their cellphones. Teachers and administrators are able to put rules into place of not allowing students to use their cellphones. Everything is mostly done by hand, the old-fashioned way.

On the other hand, in college it becomes more difficult due to the fact that students are now adults and they are responsible for all the actions they take. There are professors who prohibit the use of cellphones, but unfortunately it is inevitable to have the device on you and not be able to look at it. In this study by (Mendoza, Pody, Lee, Kim, McDonough 2018) it is stated that, Attention is optimal when individuals are focused on one task at a time. However, with many competent sources vying for our attention, both inside and outside the classroom, multitasking has become the norm for most members of the younger generations. Most students report to use social media, text, browse the web, do online shopping, and check emails during class. This poses a threat to students in the classroom mainly because their focus is elsewhere. The professor could have been saying something important, and the student might not have an understanding of what was said at a later time because they were not paying attention. As much as we think multitasking is efficient,

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