How Did The Berlin Wall Come Down?

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How did the Berlin Wall come down?

The Berlin Walls destruction was the result of a slip-up by a man named Gunter Schabowski. At a conference where he was supposed to make an announcement about the travel restrictions being loosened, he was handed a paper at the last second and didnt have time to proofread it. He said in his speech that the border would allow people to cross over from East to West Berlin and vice-versa.

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After being asked in the interview if the Berlin Wall would come down, he avoided giving a specific answer and continued to do so throughout the interview because he didnt know what to say. Understanding the cause of the Berlin Walls destruction is important because most people assume that Ronald Reagans famous speech on June 12, 1987, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall! caused the destruction of this gargantuan border, which is not true.

The Berlin wall was a giant border that separated East and West Berlin. It started as a barbed wire fence with armed guards that was put up on August 13, 1961. It then grew to a concrete wall, and a second fence was built in June 1962. If people even tried to flee East Berlin, the were shot. The area between the two sides was christened the Death Strip. Then, in 1975, Border Wall 75 an even more secure wall, was built. Construction started in 1975 and took 5 years to finish. Border Wall 75 was comprised of 79 miles of fences, more than 250 guard dog runs,

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