How did Susan B. Anthony Contribute to the Women’s Suffrage Movement?

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The investigation will examine the research question, How did Susan B. Anthony contribute to the women’s suffrage movement and how does it impact today. It will analyse the main factors of how knowledgeable was Susan B. Anthony persuading other women and herself to gather for this suffrage. SOURCE 1:

The book Susan B. Anthony. Susan Brownell ), exploring and justify the invasion is relevant to this investigation as it gives an idea of how Brownell was like. We can put this source as of why she joined the civil rights movement. The book was published in Rochester, New York in April, 1945, edited by Dexter Perkins, City Historian and Blake Mckelvey, Assistant City Historian, is an academic analysis of the invasion and is relevant to this questions has it develop the ideal featured of Susan. . Anthony lifestyle, we can use this as. reasoning of her becoming the woman she is to history. The value of this origin of the book by Blake Mckelvey, is that it was published in the time period we can conquer accurate informations that can be reliable. This provided most significant background of Brownell than any after in the 2000s. A value of this purpose is, this book came from more than one person’s sources. A value of this purpose is it’s an official poster represented the women’s right with words on it, obtaining. vision so we can go back and look at what has happened.

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A limitation of the origin is that it’s didn’t state who exactly drew this picture, it can be an imposter that didn’t know any accurate information. The limitation of this purpose is informing the wrong perspective out to the world about the women’s rights movement. The content is limited as it’s only focus on features wise instead of including other descriptions about it. A value of the origin of the illustration is that it’s an historical evidence connected to the women’s right movement. A value of this purposes is you don’t need to questions rather or not what did do to get attention from the people. A value of this content is, we know it’s an illustration, and it is to inform about the social issue happening to the dated date, but in visual form. However. limitation of this origin is that some might not know exactly what it’s purpose for, critical thinking might be require. Also, illustration doesn’t give out as much information as writing sources. But another value for this piece is that it shows how the women were dressed like, protest like, and performed like, also where was it happened. A limitation of this work is it only focuses on one event, not proper to understood any other reasons of the extend. SOURCE. :

Timeline of the women’s right movement,

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