How can Racism be Curbed in The United States

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How can racism be curbed in the United States is an age-old question that may never be answered or solved. Racism in America has been a social problem since colonization this country. It started with the native Americans and has spread far, and wide Anglo-Saxon protestant whites assumed the position of superiority to all other races. Non-protestants, Irish, poles and Italians were subjected to xenophobic exclusion until the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. In addition, Middle Eastern American groups like the Jews and Arabs experience such racism and discrimination that some do nit want to identify with the white race. East and South Asians have also faced racism in the United States.

The major structured racial and ethnical institutions in the United States include Native American reservations, SLAVERY, segregation and interval camps. But SLAVERY is the racial social problem of the past that still receives the energy of prejudice on both sides of the races, White VS African American.

Thomas Jefferson, a pillar of America government, owned slaves himself. He advocated the abolishment of slavery even though he profited from running his plantation, Monticello using the labor and blacks of slaves. Even though he campaigned for the end of slavery, he had some very long reaching thoughts on the subject, he thought white Americans and enslaved blacks made up two separate peoples, two separate nations and who could not live peacefully in the same country, he also believed blacks were inferior and as incapable as children, along with the resentment and contingency between the races should result in the removal of blacks from America. Was he right? Seems the slavery issue can not be put to rest. Are the African Americans still enslaved by racial politics shown by the socio-economical inequality and stratification occurring in education, employment, housing, etc.

The 2010’s brought a new movement of a white nationalist coalition that wants the expulsion of sexual and racial minorities from the united states. Charlottesville, VA was the most recent demon station site for white supremacist groups intended to unite the different white fractions, a white supremacist drove his car into a group of protesters- injuring 19 and killing one during this “peaceful rally”.

There are prejudices on both sides of the line.

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