How and the ways in which Nelson Mandela contributed to the success of the Defiance campaign

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The Defiance campaign was brought up to combat apartheid in South Africa in 1952. Apartheid was a system set in place to control the non european ethnic groups by introducing laws that restricted their freedom to certain rights. Nelson Mandela was able to gain a leadership position through joining organizations that nurtured his ideas and his ability to lead.

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Nelson Mandela became a leading figure as he started doing work as an activist with the African National Congress. The Defiance campaign illustrates Mandela’s ability to influence the masses by utilizing his status and cooperation with other activists. This essay explores how and the ways in which Nelson Mandela contributed to the success of the Defiance campaign.


Through his education, Nelson Mandela developed his passion for activism. Growing up in the era of apartheid Nelson Mandela pursued the career of law instead of chieftainship. In 1944 Nelson Mandela joined the African National Congress(ANC). Upon doing so he was able to accumulate knowledge that he could use to aid the ANC. Through his hard work he was able to gain many leadership opportunities in the ANC. As a member, Mandela and other young intellectuals expressed their dissatisfaction with how the ANC was run and formed the African National Congress Youth League(ANCYL). The youth league influenced the ANC to become a more militant organization as they felt that passive resistance was still not enough to bring about the change that they desired. In a statement made by nelson mandela to address the aims of the Defiance campaign, he says, I would like to emphasise the aims of our Campaign over again. We are not in opposition to any government or class of people. We are opposing a system which has for years kept a vast section of the non-European people in bondage. The messaged conveyed through this statement supports Mandela’s passion for activism. In the 1950’s the Congress Alliance was formed consisting of organizations that stood against the unjust laws. In March 1952, Nelson Mandela aquired a driver’s license to become a one man taxi service for the ANC. He was in charge of talking to regional leaders and coordinating youth league events. He played a crucial role in making sure the events would actually be carried out.

Historian Baruch Hirson suggests that the formation of the Defiance campaign was not enacted through the peoples desire to fight against unjust laws, but was instead enacted by the ANC to strengthen their party. But the reactions of the people seem to prove otherwise. The events leading up to the campaign strived to create stricter laws. In 1948 D.F.

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