Hospitality Business Solutions – A Proposal to Turnover Rate Issue

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____________________________________________________ Hospitality Business Solutions A Proposal to Turnover Rate Issue Table of Content I.Introduction —————————————————————2 Proposal Background of “W Singapore Sentosa Cove Hotel II.Proposal and Objective ———————————————–3 III.Plan of Action————————————————————4 IV.Benefits ——————————————————————-5 V.Viable Proposal ———————————————————6 VI.Anticipated Outcomes————————————————–8 VII.Necessary Resources————————————————–9 VIII.Skills for Successful Completion————————————10 IX.Conclusion—————————————————————11 X.Reference—————————————————————-12 Introduction

  • Proposal Background of W Singapore Sentosa Cove Hotel

W hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove was launched in October 2012(W Singapore Sentosa Cove 2013), which is still a new force in Singapore hospitality industry. Therefore, some kinds of operational and management problems are inevitable, and these issues have caused a certain extent troubles as shown in labor turnover rates. Labor turnover rate is frequently used terminology to indicate the percentage of employee replacement with a company. Employees are very important like assets in business running. Moreover high staff turnover rates can play a crucial role in organizational efficiency, productivity, cost structure and even the whole operation (Deery & Shaw, 1997; Lashley & Chaplain, 1999). Proposal and Objective W Singapore Sentosa Cove is targeted toward a younger generation customer group as the overall concept of W hotel worldwide. It is actually one of the famed luxuryhotelchain owned byStarwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. Therefore, our objective is not only to fulfill luxurious experiences for guests, but also maintain the service quality and improve brand image. At the same time, quality service labors are the prime part to achieve by our value produced before to make the actual service with customer interaction happen (Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, 2013) (W Hotel Worldwide, 2013) (WSingaporeSentosaCove,2013). To address the high turnover problems in this new launched hotel, our management team propose that we can utilize some related human resource management strategies and business solution strategies. In the following sections will suggest viable solutions such as an outstanding and adventurous training program that enable for helping HR department to recruit, select and retain capable talents those who can contribute to the objective of organization (Green, 2002). Plan of Action We will conduct an extraordinary duty related training program twice a year within 10 days (exclude weekends). It named ‘Moving the path’ as one of our mainly long-term solutions to the employee turnover issues within the organization. In this program, our employee members (below department director level) will be divided into 38 groups of 8 to perform certain interlinked tasks with given clues. The selection of the team members from every departments (Front Office, F&B, Housekeeping, HR, IT & Purchasing & Finance, Security, Culinary and so forth). It based on the HR report about the latest staff turnover rate analysis (Morning Briefing, 2012). The department managers will do an evaluation on each team performance when tasks are completed and fill up the related check form. On account of the feedback and rewards later on, our department directors will make the final decisions based on the managers’ check form and the yearly KPI records for the purpose of justice and equity.

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