Horror Movie

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When we think of a horror movie, what comes to mind is an individual materializing from nowhere and killing or chopping people into pieces. Finding an unsuspecting audience nowadays is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We are very well versed in the rhythm of the jump scare, such that the audience knows them ahead of the beat.

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All that needs to be done is to cut a close-up of the star and create a tension in the audience in preparation. Bursts of music, deafening noises and faces emerging from nowhere can make your heart skip, send popcorn flying in the air and leave one watching the screen through woven fingers (Winter, 2014). The movie The Evil Within takes a different approach from the typical horror movie. Let’s take a look at it.

After a long day’s work, Sebastian Castellanos is summoned to Beacon Mental Hospital after a case of multiple murders. Intrigued by the event, he responds by arriving with his colleagues, Joseph and Juli. Joseph and Sabastian enter the hospital and assign Juli to stay put as a backup. They enter the hospital to see the bloody scene of the massacre of staff and patients alike. Joseph scouts ahead and comes across a doctor lying on the floor of the security room. He decides to take care of him and asks Sebastian to check the security cameras. The live footage shows a hallway with two policemen shooting at something. A hooded figure the slashes open their throats. The figure then turns around, stares at the camera and disappears in a camera blur effect,

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