Horrific Halloween Festival

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On the eve of Christmas people are usually excited and overjoyed by the events taking place around them. Some find Halloween costume parties to be more exciting compared to prank playing while others enjoy watching horror movies. Alex and Jane are no exception to any of these.

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It is during their holiday and therefore maximizing every chance they have is a priority for them. On Sunday afternoon after attending a church service, they decided to have a stroll around the forest where they would join their friends in pumpkin carving as an activity for the Halloween. They had not walked deep into the forest with until they heard this sudden voice. This was a new voice for Jane; she had not experienced such before. At this time, Alex noticed what was being chanted by the voice. To his shock, the sound was sobbing in notably horrible and pathetic way accompanied by suffering and intense pain.

Alex could not quench his curiosity towards the voice’s tone. It was a different one as well as emerged from all over the place at the same time. Immediately when he thought that was the end of it, the voice transformed from this terrifying cry of mad and irrational laughter. It got worse and outrageous. Suddenly, it changed back to the first sob, laughter then moaning once more before fading away.

Jane and Alex looked at each other filled with amusement and disbelief. This must be somebody playing Halloween trick on us, Alex said.

Sure, replied Jane hesitatingly.

It will be wise if we go around searching what is happening,

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