Horrific Events Of Witch Trails

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The town of Salem Massachusetts, was founded in 1626 by Roger and a group of migrants. The settlements first name was Naumkeag, but they name was too hard so they called it Salem. The word Salem comes from the hebrew word for peace.

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Salem a small and peace full town right on the great Atlantic Sea. Little do people know but this small town has a very, very dark history, which will be a permanent stain in America’s history. The name that would go down in many of our history books would be the name Salem Witch Trial, these horrific events happened from February of 1692 to May of 1693. Over this course of time more 200 people would be accused of being witches.

The first witch accusation was in 1692 when a doctor diagnosed 7 teenage girls as being bewitched. More than 200 people will be accused and 19 people will be executed from those accusations. This was not one of the first time there have been witch trials in massachusetts, there was a previous 12 others were executed in the early 17 century. But Salem was by far the worst and most famous. Despite being known as the Salem Witch Trials the preliminary hearings in 1692 were conducted in several towns some were in Salem Village, Salem Town, Ipswich and Andover. The most famous trials were conducted in the Court of Oyer and Terminer in 1692 in Salem Town. Some people believe that there was so much hysteria because of their religious beliefs the town of Salem was a Puritan town they had very strong religious beliefs.

A famous trial, and one of the first was the Sarah good trial. Sarah good was born in 1653 and was a daughter of a well off innkeeper. When her father died 1672 he left the family in debut. Her mother quickly married to a new husband, and paid off the debut, but as a result most of the family which were 2 sons and 7 daughter most of which never saw and of their late father’s estate. Sarah good married a former endenchered servant Daniel Poole. Poole died in in 1682 and left Sarah in more debut. Sarah then married her second husband William Good and he was held responsible for paying off her debuts his land was taken and Sarah and William became homeless. Sarah was one of the first 3 woman to be accused of witchcraft in Salem. She was charged with witchcraft after being identified as a witch by Tituba. She Fit the prevailing stereotype of of the malefic witch. Sarah Good would curse out towns people who would not give to her when she would beg on the streets. This brought in a lot of testaments against her during her trial.

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