Hope for Ramatoulaye in “So Long Letter” by Mariama Ba

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According to Ba, Mariama (7), the main character for Mariama Ba’s So Long Letter is Ramatoulaye. From the text, we learn that Ramatoulaye has written a letter to Assiatou who is her best friend expressing herself and how she plans to carry out her new life after acing all she went through. All the situations encountered by Ramatoulaye are spoken about and described in the letter.

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We therefore get to know the right portray of Ramatoulaye. For instance, she makes a transition from her careless dependence on anyone’s love and trust to becoming a purely an independent lady and cares about her needs in a better way to an extent of becoming other people’s skeptical. Ramatoulaye’s change is expressed right from the time of meeting her future husband till the death time. Ramatoulaye’s uniqueness is that she believed in love too much. For instance, even when she meets her second husband, she loves him with all her heart. Her soul expresses that there exists only one soul mate at her time of love. However, Ramatoulaye later come to discover that it is not always true about what she thinks in her heart especially when she faces reality in her life. For example, Ramatoulaye states, Modou Fall knew many undefinable things which gorofied and sealed our relationship (Ba 13).

Ramatoulaye changes her way of dung things and treats the all those who come to mourn the death of her husband well without considering discomforts from her culture and religious laws. Ramatoulaye meets all of them and had courage to operate within them.

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