Homosexuals and the Current Scenario of Egypt

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Contents Homosexuals and current Scenario of Egypt: International Human Rights and Social Justice for Homosexuals: Human Rights and Social Justice at Country Level: Violation of Country Law: History of Homosexuality in Egypt: Perpetrators of Homosexuality: Primary motivation orobjective of the violations: Consensus on the Crises and Compensation of the Victims: Gay and Lesbian Rights and International Community: LGBT rights in Egypt: Individual Case (Wissam Abyad Prosecution) Conclusion: Bibliography

Homosexuals and current Scenario of Egypt:

The Egyptian Government dealt homosexuals in cruel way for stopping the rising popularity of Religious activist groups such as Ikhwan-al-Muslimeen. Government of Egypt has used courts for holding and torture of Gay men (laceholder1). This policy of Government got wide support from the public and for this reason allowed the Rule to shore up its Islamic Qualifications (Menyawi, September 1, 2006). The situation of Ikhwan-al-Musleemeen is also considered that homosexuality is the violation of Islamic law. For this reason Ikhwan-al-Musleemeen supported the Government attacks on Gay men. Such Emergency courts which were previously used for the prosecution of the religious fundamentalists now these courts are using for detain and tortured of the gay men. That is why the destination of Religious fundamentalists and gay men are inseparably linked. It seems not plausible that the Ikhwan-al-Musleemeen make a strategically coalition with Gay Men. Ikhwan-al-Musleemeen should understand that the government is manipulating their Homophobia and Government also prosecuted Fundamentalists. In the United States a narrative is used i.e. “coming out from the closet” for the LGBT but deploying this narrative in Egypt is an entirely different social and cultural environment from the United States would have significantly diverse and adverse consequences (MENYAWI). So by coming out with a homosexual identity, it is likely to construct a new group in the society which became minority. This group came however under close and careful examination by the Government. Egyptian Government has banished and subjugates this minority instead of embracing and providing support and empathy. It is evident in second public campaign against homosexuals, in which Government gathered about 62 apparently Gay Men and brought them at earth System Science Center (ESSC). The cops stood outside the ESSC and tease them and yelling at them by saying: “Look at them, faggots! This country is become full of faggots!” the declaration of cops likely to infer something reality about these men. At the Appeals Court of Egypt in July 2003, Mo’azer El-Marsafy, judge of the court disciplined the defendants by saying, “We are so offended by you and we cannot even glance at you. You did a very main Sin of Religion. “Social scenario changes over time to time. Such culture which remain fixed, do not develop and grow must be go down because of their rigidity. The problem with the fundamentalist that they measure us with the same yard stick by which they are using for themselves or like such yard sticks which their forefathers told them about. Fundamentalist uses such interpretation of reality and pretends to us even more unknown,

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