Homelessness in Boulder

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Homelessness in Boulder

As of January 2017, the average number of homeless people were 550,000 in a night living in the United States of America, including those living in shelters. (MDHI, 2017). We chose this topic because we want to shed a light on the problem of homelessness in the U.S, more specifically Boulder Colorado.

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Winters in Boulder Colorado can get very cold, with a low of 18 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a large population of homeless people that live on the streets in Boulder, and because winter is approaching fast, we want to help the homeless community stay warm throughout the long Winter season.

On November 12th through November 16th, our group will be putting on a Winter Clothing drive to collect as many winter clothing items as possible before the weather gets too cold. Since we are setting up our clothing drive in November, we are aware that this is during the Holiday season, which will make it more difficult to get the citizens’ of Boulder to donate their money and time. While most parents are busy buying holiday gifts for their children and finishing up work, we believe it will be easier and more impactful for them to donate the clothing items that they already own. For our Winter Clothing Drive, we will be accepting jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves, in donation boxes, the will set up around the Boulder area outside of the University of Colorado campus. The donation boxes that we will set up will be in association with the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless (BSH), the First Presbyterian Church of Boulder (FPC), and the Pearl Street Mall (PSM). We hope to partner with these organizations because we believe they can provide us with the best-structured resources to make the biggest impact we can in the Boulder area.

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