Homelessness And IDPs In Jamaica

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Literature Review While ID is a global crisis and various studies have been conducted on the persons who are affected by it in many countries. However, there are limited resources available for such persons in Jamaica and the terminology IDPs does not resonates with many Jamaicans. The Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ) report of 2013 describes displaced persons as those that may have been placed at risk of poverty due to being separated from their means of livelihood or support.

The report further picks to the nuances of social, political, legal and other frames of reference that may apply to these persons inclusive of deportees/ IRMs, and ex-prisoners but not stranded visitors. The report states that these persons are unable to provide for their basic needs through their efforts, including employment, or because of other barriers to their freedom. With issues as these, persons often become homeless and either end up in a homeless shelter or on the street. (PIOJ 2013, pg 20 par 1,2) The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) posits that in the early 1990s internal displacement went on the international agenda and became recognised as an important issue of global concern.

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It was only a subject that had neither clear definitions nor a normative framework that would be able to guide states and international humanitarian actors. While much improvement ismaking, there is room for greater accomplishment. https://www.internal-displacement.org/index.php/internal-displacement/history-of-internal-displacement (25/10/2018)

Belay Rehabilitation Centre posted an article stating that In addition to the effects of internal displacement, the negative experiences of evacuees in temporary shelters, “tent cities,” and other evacuation centres (malnutrition, epidemics, physical assaults, and other human rights violations) produce adverse emotional and behavioural effects and psychological disorders. IDPs in Jamaica are affected in these as well especially the deportees/IRMs, ex-prisoners and stranded visitors.

Deportees / Involuntary Returned Migrants (IRMs)

Deportees are otherwise called involuntary returned migrants (IRMs),are defined in the IOM 2018 profile as those nationals abroad who are involuntarily returned to their country of birth following charges for offences committed (criminal and civil) in a country overseas and in which they have no citizenship status, although they may have lived there for many years. Many deportees have become homeless and displaced as they may have inadequate or no connection with family or friends in Jamaica. The PIOJ 2013 report postulates that the deportees often have difficulty reintegrating into the society. From a social protection perspective, deportees are open to risks of poverty not only because of the lack of sufficient family support systems, but also their risks of unemployment and low livelihood security, based on their circumstances.


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