Homelessness: An Epidemic or Fault

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Every city, in every state, in every country, in every continent has one thing in common: a large population of homeless people. The homeless are categorized into their own social group by most. Those more fortunate created this identity and do nothing to help them.

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Under the government’s close supervision, this needs to stop happening. It is their responsibility to ensure that each United States citizen is able to practice the right to live in peace and feel as if they are secure while keeping their dignity. Scholars argue that the issue of homelessness has derived from a singular problem which most believe is impoverished beings unable to pay for necessities such as housing, food, childcare, health care, and education. Humanitarian help is not the emergency response that this issue needs. It is in my judgment, upon closer examination, that poverty may be one factor but there is a combination of many issues that contribute into the part of homelessness all under the control of the government and leaders of the United States.

To begin, one key reason as to why homelessness has spiraled down the dark path it’s in right now is due to the violation of human rights. National and local laws have wrongfully criminalized homeless people categorizing them as lawbreakers rather than protecting their rights. Many laws that are created purposefully leave homeless people invisible, kicking them out of the streets, and out of their makeshift shelters giving them this unrealistic label. Some laws even keep people from sleeping or camping out on any public or private property while others ban citizens from feeding the homeless. One is penalized for trying to help someone have a slightly better night than they are normally used to.

Everyone has a right to housing, somewhere to feel safe and feel secure. It is in the government’s interest and focus that this is followed through on. Seven ideal principles have been beneficial for the right to housing. They include security of tenure, availability of services/materials/facilities/infrastructure, affordability, habitability/decent and safe home, accessibility, location, and cultural adequacy (NESRI). These seven principles should be taken into account to when trying to build or find an ideal home for the less fortunate. There are several documents in which the right to housing is protected in, acting for different races and genders as well. For example, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the American Declaration on Rights and Duties of Man (NESRI).

Each of these documents has voiced a common message: The right to housing is imperative in order for the United States to live up to its prideful equality. In order for each man to be equal, a roof to be under should be a priority.

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